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Latest Episode EP4 - The Ghost of Agnes Bings

On September 29th, 1899, on a dark and stormy night, Agnes made a decision that she would unfortunately NOT live to regret. 

It was one of Victoria's most grisly murders in the style of Jack the Ripper and it terrorized the population for many weeks while police struggled to solve the crime....which they never did.  

Thankfully there were no more murders in this fashion, but the spirit of Agnes did not remain still and she certainly was not at peace.


Join us as we hear the story from a few different angles and possibly even get the unknown killers perspective on this episode of Ghosts 'N Bears.

New episode uploaded every second Wednesday

   The Show

We're a different kind of Ghost story podcast because we are telling the actual ghost stories, with the actual history and we go to the actual place.

I wanted to find a way to give you the ghost walk experience with my love for a great ghost story and history.  

What will we find when we get there? Is there still energy there? Does it feel creepy? Will we stir up anything just by being there? I guess we'll find out together.

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